5 Advantages of BioTE® for cancer patients


BioTE® for Cancer Patients

Living your best life with hormone imbalance is hard. It’s even harder for women with cancer. Or survivors of cancer. Hormone therapy for cancer patients is often overlooked for safety concerns. And for good reason. Traditional HRT poses a big risk. But let’s face it. Cancer treatments leave you depleted. And survival is a time of celebration, not dealing with feeling off kilter with hormones being out of whack. BioTE® hormone therapy for cancer patients gives your body the hormones it’s missing. But if you’re a bit worried about HRT let’s cover today why BioTE® is worth a look.

What are the 5 advantages of BioTE® hormone therapy for cancer patients?

  1. BioTE® is bio-identical. What does that mean? BioTE® pellet therapy is compounded from plant-based ingredients such as yam extract. Known as BHRT at the cellular level it most closely mimics the hormones your body produces on its own. With that, you won’t have the worrisome side effects your mom or grandma experienced with their hormone pills like weight gain. Plus, this process adheres to strict guidelines so no worries there, either.
  2. BioTE® is a safer choice for you. Maybe you know you need hormone replacement therapy but you’re worried about the cancer risks of HRT. We understand. There’s plenty of solid research backing you up. Because BioTE® is natural, it is safer than traditional HRT for everyone. But especially for you.
  3. It’s super simple. Dealing with cancer is hard enough. Why add something else to your plate? Other bio-identical hormone replacement therapies come in creams or tablets. Rub it here or there two or more times a day. Every single day. Remember this pill morning and night. Day in and day out. It’s too much. Make this one simple step easier on yourself with BioTE® pellets. Hey guess what? Pellet insertion takes just a few minutes here in the office. Super easy to work into your busy schedule. It won’t wear you out. You won’t have to juggle another appointment next week. Come back in a few months for another pellet, a few times over a year. It’s just that simple.
  4. BioTE® is personalized for you. Dr. Pettigrew will order lab work to confirm your hormone levels. From there, BioTE® pellets will be compounded specifically for you with just the right amounts you need. Your hormone levels may fluctuate with your cancer treatments. We can handle that! Dr. Pettigrew can easily adjust your personalized dose in a new pellet when you need it.
  5. We need these hormones. But in a safer way. Did you know women actually need estrogen, progesterone and testosterone? Sometimes when hormones dip after their reproductive years women think “well, I don’t need them anymore.” Not the case! Please don’t ignore the Big 3: estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. In healthy amounts, they protect our bones from bone loss and breakage as we age and keep our brains functioning at their best. And hey, who says sexuality stops at 50? These Big 3 also promote sexual and vaginal health to ward off vaginal atrophy and dryness and keep the libido from running on empty.

Cancer patient or survivor? Let’s talk. Your hormones play a big part in how you feel from head to toe. Explore what BioTE® pellet therapy can do for you safely and naturally.