Hormonal Pellets

Bioidentical hormones can put your body in balance again.

Hormonal Pellets

Bioidentical hormones can put your body in balance again.


Restore Balance with Bioidentical Hormones

Curious about bioidentical hormones? You’re tired of hot flashes interrupting your sleep. Frustrated from intimacy with constant vaginal dryness. Dealing with that stubborn weight gain. Do you just not feel good and you don’t know why? You are exhausted and your blood tests come back normal? You’re not alone. Bioidentical hormones can put your body in balance again. Estrogen, testosterone and progesterone are three important hormones keeping all systems running smoothly. Bioidentical hormones restore important hormones naturally without worrisome side effects.

Bioidentical Hormones Explained

Maybe you’ve heard your girlfriends chat about bioidentical hormones. You’ve done a little research online, but you’re still wondering if bioidentical hormones are right for you.

Consider these 3 facts about bioidentical hormones. They are:

  • Natural plant-based therapies
  • Scientifically studied
  • Customized to your needs

How are Bioidentical Hormones Different?

So how is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy different from what your mom may have taken? Traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is made from synthetic (man-made) ingredients. Traditional HRT comes in pill or tablet form. Taken every day. They are prescription with standardized dosing. Not customized to you. For a lot of women, these are off the table. Cancer survivors and those with a strong family history need alternatives. As do women who simply don’t want the burden of the side effects their mothers suffered from HRT. Still, many women just find that old way outdated and downright inconvenient! Hormonal flux, increased cancer risk, cookie cutter dosing. There’s got to be a better way.

You’re a Woman of the Times. Shouldn’t Your Hormone Replacement Therapy Be Too?

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical hormones come in pellet form, creams, pills and tablets. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is provided in pellet therapy. You’ll get 2 to 4 hormonal pellets per year. A pellet is inserted into your hip area right here in the privacy of the office. It’s painless. Your body takes the exact hormones it needs in the right amounts over time. You won’t have to think about refilling another prescription. Be done with side effect worries. Reclaim your life. One of the biggest benefits of bioidentical hormones is the even distribution of hormones. You won’t experience those unpredictable hormone fluctuations known with traditional HRT.

Ready for the Next Step?

Dr. Pettigrew is ready for an open conversation. Many symptoms of hormone imbalance are misdiagnosed. Mood swings get a diagnosis of depression and the same medication. Weight gain gets an appetite suppressant. Many times, these are your body’s red flag waving “hormone havoc!” There are many women who go to the doctor because they just feel off. They are tired all the time and when they get their lab work done it comes back normal. But often, primary care doctors do not test for testosterone and their levels are almost zero. When testosterone is added to normal levels, these women feel great again!

Seek the Hands of an Expert

Your body is unique. Your treatment should be too. Dr. Pettigrew is an expert in hormone assessment and treatment. Take the first step by booking your private consultation with Dr. Pettigrew to discuss your symptoms. Then, thorough hormone lab work will be done. From there, you’ll discuss together your bioidentical hormone therapy. Pellet insertion takes only a few minutes. You’ll begin to feel significant relief of your symptoms in about two weeks.

Did you know...Hormonal Pellets for Men

Ladies, bioidentical hormonal pellets is a great choice for the men in your life too. Men go through life changes just like we do. Is your man moody? Low libido got you down? Having a rough time keeping the weight off, even though he tries? Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is helping thousands of men feel like themselves again.

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