Labial Laxity
Labial Laxity
labial laxity

Labial laxity and you

Just as in vaginal laxity, many women experience labial laxity. This takes place when the outer and inner labia tissue have a loose, sagging appearance. Labial laxity causes problems for women ranging from intercourse to exercise! It’s a big deal, but there are sound solutions for you today.

Loose talk about laxity

For many years, women have been intimidated by bringing up the issue of labial laxity to their medical providers. First, they assumed it was par for the course. Childbirth, age and life’s experiences leave a lot of marks...aren’t “loose lips” just another? While the answer may be “yes,” that doesn’t mean this condition has to go untreated. In addition to the menopause years and multiple vaginal childbirths, excessive weight loss is also a player in this issue. Dropping those unwanted pounds give you a new lease on life. Awesome! The sagging of skin you’ll see in other areas makes its way down south too. Finally, your genetic disposition may lend itself to labial laxity. So whether it’s age, hormones, lower numbers on the scale or your DNA, there’s never been a better time to reign the things in below the belt that gives you trouble.

New treatments

It’s an exciting time in vaginal health treatments. Depending on your medical history, current state of health and overall lifestyle and goals, Dr. Pettigrew has a treatment option to fit. And if you’re reading this you likely suffer from both vaginal and labial laxity. The two often go hand in hand. Consider discussing both with us as you uncover all of your treatment options.

Surgical options for labial laxity

If you’ve explored all of your options and are open to surgical solutions, take a closer look at labiaplasty. Labiaplasty surgically reduces the labial layers of concern. This is a good option if your labia extends below the pubic hair. For women whose labia rubs against their clothing, causes itching or other types of discomfort-or who just want a more youthful appearance, labiaplasty offers a 90% satisfaction rate.

Not open to surgery? Meet diVaTyte™

diVaTyte™ by Sciton the revolutionary diVaTyte™ procedure can rejuvenate loose labial tissue safely and effectively. diVaTyte™ uses Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL) technology to deliver two laser therapies at once for a truly customized treatment. After a private full consultation with Dr. Pettigrew, she will help you decide if this is the best treatment option based on your goals. Patients, in general, love their diVaTyte results! It’s important to have realistic expectations and diVaTyte is best suited for women who want a moderate to mild improvement in laxity but are not open to surgery. Full diVaTyte results can take about four months. There is minimal recovery time but abstain from sexual intercourse for 48 hours.

Read real diVaTyte testimonials.

Don’t stay quiet about labial laxity. We have the latest treatment options to restore your youthful butterfly.